OSJC: Order of St John Chrysostom: Orthodox and Catholic Christians serving together


Constitutional Charter

The idea to form an association of liked-minded Orthodox and Catholic clergy, to be expanded to include laymen of all ages (and wives in certain) events took place within the context of the faculty and student group at EUCLID (Euclid University). This institution happens to be an intergovernmental organization established in 2008 under United Nations Treaty Series 49006/49007 and enjoy significant prerogatives under international law, notably the power to create affiliated instituted.

A major consideration was that existing orders were associated either with the dubious historical record of the Crusade (including the Order of Malta) or dubious honorific intentions. Moreover, none of them was specifically dedicated to Catholic-Orthodox relations in practical areas of service, as well as theological and liturgical dialogue.

At the time, EUCLID was establishing the Intergovernmental College of Arms and Traditional Societies (ICATS), in cooperation with the Royal House of Georgia which is widely recognized as the world’s oldest Christian dynasty. With the a posteriori validating degree of the EUCLID Secretary-General (who happened to be a Muslim yet supportive of the effort), the EUCLID Oversight Council agreed to issue a formal Charter of Authorization under international law, thus giving legal existence to the Order as well as validating its Constitutional Charter and full autonomy as a EUCLID permanent institute able to obtain its own legal instruments as suitable and convenient.

The Constitutional Charter is the guiding instrument of the Order, its Governance and Members. It clear sets the values, objectives and guiding principle its its work, so as to ensure transparency and cohesion at all levels of international activity.

Current and prospective Members are asked to download, print, and carefully study the Order’s Constitutional Charter. The Charter may be modified as the need arises, which is why comments and suggestions are always welcome.