OSJC: Order of St John Chrysostom: Orthodox and Catholic Christians serving together


“Raising a Modern-Day Knight”

There is nothing strange about think of an Ecclesiastical Order as an order of knighthood and devotion, including for boys and young men. The Order’s Charter provides specific guidelines on this important aspect of the Order’s vision, “to raise modern-day knights” (this is the title of an excellent book used in our program).

This fascination of boys and young men (even adults) for knighthood (image below, from Star Wars) can and should be directed to Christian service and spiritual growth: in loyal service to Christ as King and the Virgin Mary as Queen-Mother and intercessor. Spiritual warfare is well illustrated by the archetype of pagehood and knighthood, and forms the basis of the Order’s outstanding educational material.

As stated in the Charter:

9.1. The Order is established with lucidity regarding the challenges and pitfalls associated with all such forms of organization, drawing from historical lessons. In particular, it shall be stated that the Order is only considered as an Order of Knighthood for the purposes of providing a spiritual incentive to the formation of young men from the rank of Page (ages 8-17) to the rank of Knight (18-30). All members of the Order, upon reaching the age of 30, relinquish the title and rank of Knight and may acquire the title and rank of Chamberlain or Prior.

9.2. Because of the pitfalls associated with the physical interaction between adults and young people, all spiritual formation shall be dispensed online. The only possible occasion of in-person interaction is the Ceremony of Commissioning a Page and the Ceremony of Commissioning a Knight, which must always take place under appropriate multi-adult and family supervision.

Fathers may apply for themselves and their sons as Members of the Order, which will provide appropriate and exciting material leaving to higher levels of spiritual strength. The programs exist in Orthodox and Catholic formats.